Our Mission

We reduce the distances
safely and without discrimination...

Our mission is to provide safety to the public through a high level of services at all stages of the trip and to ensure the use of transport to everyone without discrimination.

Our Values

SEVASMOS 9077962


Every person, regardless of disability, race, nationality, gender, age, economic status or sexual orientation, has the right to be treated with respect and dignity without prejudice.

ISOTHTA 3256912


Access to transport for citizens is provided without discrimination and with special care for vulnerable social groups.


Responsibility & Integrity

All our actions are centred on the continuous improvement of the travel experience at every stage of the trip and the adoption of excellent work practices with the focus on the passenger. The concepts of welfare and safety of passengers are non-negotiable within the company.


Social Responsibility

The sense of responsibility towards society for improving services has led the company to continue to work with sensitivity and respect for the needs of passengers and employees. In the context of corporate social responsibility, the company annually provides free tickets to social solidarity organizations, participates in institutional sponsorships and implements human rights promotion policies.

It also contributes to the protection of the environment through the responsible use of natural resources and the support of business activities that generate environmental and social benefits.

Corporate profile

The KTEL OF THE PREFECTURE OF KOZANI S.A. in various legal forms covers the transport work of the prefecture of Kozani since the decade of............... However, the date that marks its history is in 1952 as the "Association of Bus Operators" (KTEL) was established. From 1955 until today it is the sole transport operator in the region of the prefecture. The legal form of the KTEL in September 2003 was transformed into a Societe Anonyme under Law 2963/2001 and with the distinctive title "KTEL OF THE PREFECTURE OF KOZANI TRANSPORT COMPANY SOCIETE ANONYME ".

The company, in response to the demands of the times, has upgraded the quality of the services with the aim of transporting the passenger public safely, comfortably and at affordable prices. The modernisation, digital transformation, supply of a new fleet and the well-trained staff are launching a new era for the company.

In recent years KTEL has been characterized by a process of modernisation in terms of technology, such as vehicle tracking systems, as well as in terms of the provision of services, such as monthly unlimited travel cards, free wi-fi.

In an environment of commitment and dedication to safety and comfort of travel, priority has been given to renewing the fleet with environmentally friendly new buses. At the moment the company has a reliable and modern fleet of 128 buses, of which 117 are owned by shareholders and 11 are owned by the company. It also has 12 tourist buses that meet the needs of the “Travel For You” travel agency.

The transport of passengers by bus for the benefit of all citizens is supported towards equal movement. Consequently, disabled people and people with reduced mobility have the possibility to use transport services equal to the possibilities offered to the other citizens. Disabled people and people with reduced mobility have the same rights as other citizens in freedom of movement, freedom of choice and equal treatment.
In the context of the continuous upgrading of services with respect to the valuable time of customers, the company provides the possibility to purchase tickets online as well as non-deviation from the predetermined times of the routes. In fact, for the most effective service, certain routes are modified over time, focusing on the needs of the majority of passengers, also considering individual needs, such as local market and entrepreneurship data.

The quality services are also linked to the availability of an extended complex of 6,500 sq.m., which functions as a modern centre, located close to the city centre. This serves not only passenger transport functions but also leisure and trade (leisure shops, car parking).

This project is supported by the entire staff, who is responsible for the quality of our services. The human resources of the KTEL comprises 19 people, of whom 7 are administrative employees, 6 are ticket office employees, 2 are ticket inspectors and 4 are storekeepers-loaders. The number of drivers of shareholders' buses is 117. Their continuous training and development are of major importance. Everyone works with respect, responsibility, knowledge and prudence for the welfare and safety of the public.
Of course we don't stop here. We continue with steady steps in order to meet the requirements and rights of passengers who choose us for a proper and safe movement.

The following three-fold phrase reflects all the foregoing:

Man - Security - Comfort

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President's Greeting

On behalf of the shareholders, employees, and the Board of Directors of Intercity Bus Company of Kozani S.A., I welcome you to our website.

The aim of Intercity Bus Company of Kozani S.A. (KTEL KOZANIS) is to provide optimal and safer service to the traveling public in their daily journeys within and outside the region of Kozani.

Our state-of-the-art fleet, along with the new technologies we employ both in route execution and within the vehicles, under the ideal prevailing conditions, contribute to the better and comfortable service of the passengers.

To reach this point, we have traveled a path with a team spirit, overcoming many obstacles. Now, after much effort, we can proudly say that we have achieved and succeeded in realizing our visions and goals.
I congratulate and thank all those who, through hard work and dedication, contribute to our purpose.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you who trust us daily for your travels, and I assure you that our efforts for better services will continue. In this direction, we promise to persist in the future. We hope you feel the difference promised to you daily by Intercity Bus Company of Kozani S.A.

Nikolaos Batsilas
President & CEO

Board of

Administrative Board The Intercity Bus Company of Kozani S.A. is a Public Transport and Commercial Company. It is managed by the Board of Directors, which is elected through the procedures of Law 2190/1920.

The current Board of Directors of Intercity Bus Company of Kozani S.A., resulting from the elections on 25/11/2023, consists of seven members, and its term is four years.

The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

Μπατσίλας Ε. Νικόλαος, Πρόεδρος κ Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος

Nikolaos Lampros, Vice President

Nikolaos Antonogiannis, Board Member

Nikolaos Aretis, Board Member

Dimitrios Kaliakas, Board Member

Theodoros Katsanos, Board Member

Michail Batzios, Board Member

Ζησοπούλου Κική & Συνεργάτες, Νομική Σύμβουλος