Transport of Pets

The transport of small pet animals by road and track-based modes is permitted under the responsibility of the passenger and at the discretion of the driver or other authorized personnel of the carrier depending on the occupancy of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers (excluding assistance dogs), provided that :

• They are placed in a secure closed transport cage with dimensions up to 50cm x 40cm x 35cm in the case of intercity regular and occasional services.

• Accompanied by their owner or holder.

• The owner or holder of the animal bears the individual health book-passport of the animal.

• The owner or holder of the animal is located near it and they take care not to injure or disturb other passengers.

• These must be carried within the passenger compartment and in no case at all in the luggage compartment (including the case of animals in parcels).

As regards assistance dogs, such as trained guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs for the disabled people, as well as dogs that are in the process of training to become assistance dogs, they are transported as follows:

• No transport cage and no silencer is required, if they have a control strap, regardless of their size.

• The user must carry the legally prescribed documents certifying the adequacy of the animal's training (whether trained or under training), its health, and the user or trainer of the assistance dog must have the relevant certification and proof for using the animal,

It should be noted that in case of damage, the general provisions of the Civil Code on liability of the animal owner for damage caused by it to a third party (Article 924 of the Civil Code) shall apply.